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      Liancheng Overseas Fishery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. specializes in integrated offshore fishing. Our business ranges from offshore fishery, domestic trade, supplying fish material and other fishery materials, and export and import of aquatic products. We have a subsidiary in Fuzhou, and offices in Xiamen, Shanghai, and Dongshan in China with a total of over 400 employees.
Provincial and Municipal Fishery Officials Visits SZLC
Government Officials Visit SZLC
SZLC New Office Grand Opening and Dinner Party
LCFV Participated in the Reception of FSM Government Delegation
SZLC joins the 11th China Fisheries & Seafood Expo
Policy_LianCheng_Vulnerable-Species-Bycatch-Mitigation-and-shark-finning -V.2023
Ban on Targeting Sharks and Marine Mammal & Turtles -V.2018
Human Rights Policy for Vessel Crew -V.2018
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