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    Overseas Fishing Fleet
Overseas Fishing Fleet

Liancheng now has the largest domestic fresh tuna long-line fishing fleet of 40 vessels, including 100% owned and rented boats. In 2005, the whole fleet’s capacity of fresh tuna and other fishes reached 2,368 tons with sales valued at about US$14.2 million.

We are driving large-scale innovation in existing vessels with the introduction of US large spool fishing machines. Daily catch has increased heftily from less than 1,000 hooks to over 2,000, and the depth can be adjusted depending on the fishing grounds, fish types, and seasons. Advanced communication and navigation as well as fishing detecting equipment are also installed in every vessel. The equipment of some small horsepower vessels is also upgraded to largely improve capacity and safety in operation.

We are also planning to build and purchase 20 more fishing vessels in the next two years to further expand the business, that is, increase the number of operating vessels to 60-70.

Liancheng has also set up a complete management and motivation system for its crew. It has been emphasizing career development, including professionalism, ethics compliance and team cooperation spirit as well as skills training.

Fleet Management

The company has dispatched management team to the base, which, in close cooperation with the base, administers the boats and crew. The management team consists of fleet manager, captain, chief engineer officer, accountants and cashiers. The manager is in charge of the overall management of the boats; captain, for directing the boat’s course; chief engineer, for maintenance and repair of the machines; and accountants and cashiers, for financial management. The management directs the boats to dock for proper unloading, recharge the boats in the shortest possible time and solve any machine problem. At the same time, the duty also includes managing offshore boat operation based on their actual situation and the fishing ground, reporting to the company regularly, arranging for the boat's return to mainland China for maintenance, and settling accounts with the base on behalf of the company.
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