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Government Officials Visit SZLC
Government Officials Visit SZLC

On 20 March, 2008, Mr. Lai Zhiping, Director of Shenzhen Municipal Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery Bureau, visited SZLC at the company of Ms. Yang Jin, Chief of Bureau Office and Mr. Gan Weiming, Chief of Fishery Division visited SZLC and were warmly greeted by Mr. Li Hexie, SZLC’s General Manager and other division managers.


     Mr. Li gave a PPT briefings on company operations in past few years, as well as on its future business plan. He also demonstrated to guests by internet the fleet VMS and satellite pictures of LC’s overseas bases. Mr. Lai spoke highly of the achievements of SZLC and wish it could have greater business expansion in the years to come, so as to contribute to the development of distant water fishery of the city.

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