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News and Announcements
President Mori and Mr.Hexie Li
LCFV Participated in the Reception of FSM Government Delegatio

    China and the Federated Republic of Micronesia has a long-term friendly relation, at the Chinese government invitation, His Excellency Emanuel Mori, president of FSM led 17 members delegation paid an official visit to China from 16th to 22nd ,December 2007.


    Up to now, SZLC is the only Chinese enterprise in Micronesia. At the suggestion of Chinese Embassy of FSM, SZLC took part in the arrangement and reception of the delegation during its stay in HK and visit to Shenzhen. The General Manager of SZLC personally met the delegation at HK airport and help Luan Thai International group (LTIG) in arranging a activity in HK as well as the delegation’s entry to Shenzhen. The G.M. of SZLC also attended the inaugurate ceremony of FSM Embassy in Beijing on December 22,2007.
Mr. Samuel Chou, Mrs. Lily Chou and President Mori
Mr.Hexie Li, President Mori and His Delegation Members
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